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Photo by John Gallino

Photo: John Gallino

My name is Emily Seamone, and I am the founder of Women, Work, and Life, a career consulting service specializing in assisting women and mothers with the integration of work, family, and life (otherwise sometimes referred to as work-life balance). Recent research data have shown that women’s roles in the workforce have changed dramatically in the U.S. over the last several decades, particularly among those with children 18 and under. In 1975, 47% of women with children worked outside of the home, while in 2011, 71% did the same (U.S. BLS Data Article, U.S. BLS Data Article 2). Part of this change is due to families’ increased need for dual incomes, but also because many women can and want to have careers. Yet many work environments are still set up as though one parent is at home, and most schools continue to let out before the workday is done as well as during the summer. While progress has been made, many women (as well as men) are struggling to make work fit with their lives. Perhaps some of these scenarios describe your current situation:

Are you…

  • Struggling to find “balance” with work and life in general?
  • Contemplating a career change to better fit with your family’s life and needs?
  • Planning on starting a family soon but worry about how this will work with your career?
  • Returning to the workforce after taking a break?
  • Searching for flexible work options or want to negotiate a flexible work arrangement with your current employer?
  • Thinking about starting your own business as a flexible option but are not sure where to begin or what to do?

Women, Work, and Life is here to help you! Read more in the other tabs on this website and contact me by filling out the form on the Contact page. I look forward to talking to you soon!