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In recent years there has been exponential growth of companies offering job search and placement services that focus on flexible work opportunities. This is a noteworthy and much-needed development, especially as more women (and men) today desire flexible arrangements as a way to better integrate their work and personal lives. In the past, the major challenge was just finding a flexible opportunity, if one even existed. Now these services literally bring the jobs right to us.

14 Services for Finding Flexible Work

As I began to notice more of these companies emerging over the past few years, I wanted to better understand the specific services each offers, especially as a career and work-life coach who often assists individuals with finding more flexible career paths. I scoured the internet and received recommendations from others, researched the organizations’ websites, and then contacted staff members to ask more about their services. The result is this comprehensive resource, Services for Finding Flexible Work, which includes 14 companies that offer some type of flexible job postings and placements. (Note that I did not include organizations that were no longer focusing on flexible work and/or did not respond to my inquiries. If I have missed a company, please let me know!)

A Changing Workforce

These 14 companies are each unique in their own way. While one started as early as 1989 (Flexible Resources), 2/3 of the services listed were launched in the last four years (2013-2016). This sudden growth may be reflective of our current working world: Millennials, who are now the largest generation in the labor force, have brought their strong values of work-life balance and flexible schedules to the workplace. In turn, employers are recognizing that flexible arrangements benefit both employees as well as organizations and have begun to use flexibility as a way to attract top talent.

These 14 organizations are grouped in the Services for Finding Flexible Work resource alphabetically by the model of service they offer, either as a  Job Posting model or Placement model (note that Corps Team offers a hybrid of both). For example, in the case of the Job Posting model, the company’s website serves as a curated job posting board, which candidates can review and apply to openings (e.g, FlexJobs). In the case of the Placement model, the company acts as a staffing firm, where employees match candidates to jobs (e.g., Prokanga). You can read more about these models at the Services for Finding Flexible Work resource.

In addition, each organization listed includes a chart with more detailed information regarding seven areas: Candidates, Job Locations, Flex Types, Employer Types, Career Fields, Process, and Additional Information. These specifics will help you quickly identify how each service differs and which ones will best match your needs.

Types of Candidates

Although many types of individuals seek flexible work, women are especially embracing such arrangements as a way to balance parenting responsibilities with their careers. These types of positions help women stay in the workforce long-term, as well as return to work while their children may still be at home. Indeed, 8 of the 14 services listed here focus on women as their target clientele. These organizations have adopted trailblazing goals to improve the working world for women. Consider Inkwell’s bold mission: “We are here to help; it is our mission to create a new template for the next generation of daughters who will see that raising a family and focusing on their career is not only possible, but empowering,” and Werk’s fabulous tagline, “Flexibility is the future of feminism.”

Other organizations have a broader clientele focus, and strive to support individuals seeking flexible positions in general. Most of the services target mid to senior-level professionals, and may have specific educational level and experience requirements.

Location of Jobs

In addition to having different service models and target clientele, there are other variations among the 14 organizations. Most of the companies listed offer job opportunities across the U.S., while a few focus on specific regional areas or cities (some also include limited international positions).

Type of Flexibility

The 14 organizations include various types of flexible work opportunities, including flexibility in terms of hours worked or when work takes place (e.g., compressed work week, part-time, flexible hours, and job sharing positions). Other types of flex include where work is completed, as with remote or telecommuting jobs.

Most of the companies listed in this resource focus exclusively on flexible positions (e.g., Werk pre-negotiates flexibility for all their positions), although a few also include non-flexible full-time opportunities. Some of the organizations specialize in one type of flex work, such as, which focuses on remote jobs. Several companies also include shorter-term opportunities, such as project-based work (e.g., The Second Shift), parental leave fill-ins (e.g., The Mom Project), contract and freelance gigs, temporary jobs, and seasonal work.

Employers and Career Fields

The types of employers posting jobs with these companies varies as well, including small to large organizations, non-profits, start-ups, funds, academic institutions, technology giants, government contractors, and law firms. In some cases, positions are concentrated in specific career fields (e.g., Bliss Lawyers focuses on law), while others offer jobs in a wide range of industries (e.g., Flex Jobs has 55 career categories).

Additional Information

Finally, many of the organizations offer additional services, such as support with the job search and re-entry process (e.g., Mom Source Network), continuing education to prepare for returning to work (e.g., reacHIRE), vetted career coaches (e.g., Après), events, and exclusive discounts for members. Flex Professionals even offers a career re-entry internship program in Fairfax, VA.

Flex Work’s Shining Moment

It truly is amazing that all of these organizations exist today to help individuals find and secure flexible work opportunities. If you are in the market for such a job, why not make the process easier by tapping into these resources? Let me know what you think when you do – I’d love to hear about your experiences!

For the complete list and more details about the 14 organizations, visit the resource here: Services for Finding Flexible Work

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