Emily Seamone, M.S.W.

Emily is the founder of Women, Work, and Life. With a background in career and life coaching as well as mental health counseling, she assists women with various career and work-life balance issues. 

career and work-life coach

Photo: Ezzy Refrain

As a woman, mother, and career and work-life coach, I am passionate about helping other women explore and create optimal work-life balance and careers that make use of their talents and skills, fit with their families’ needs, and allow them to be the people or parents that they want to be. I strongly believe that women should be able to partake in meaningful work at any phase in their lives (including while raising children) without feeling overly stressed, dissatisfied, and overwhelmed.

Our world today may not offer an abundance of ideal flexible employment opportunities and adequate family support systems, but that does not mean we cannot find or create them. I have been there, too – I’ve worked full-time and part-time, changed careers, left the workplace and returned, negotiated flexible work arrangements, and started my own business in order to balance work and raise my two children. It takes time and effort, but it is possible!

Part of my passion for working with women and mothers has evolved from my own experiences but also through my work in career coaching and counseling. I have coached women, men, alumni, and students on career change and transition for more than 12 years privately as well as through community and university career centers.

In addition to my private practice, I currently work part-time at the Graduate Center at City University of New York (CUNY), where I counsel graduate students and alumni on their careers. I have also worked, volunteered, and interned in Career Services at Columbia University, New York University, The College of New Rochelle, The New School, and Washington University.

In addition to individual coaching, I enjoy conducting workshops and seminars on women’s career and work-life balance issues, which I have done at all the above institutions as well as for Barnard College, Baruch College, Montclair Adult School, Maggie Mistal Sirrus Radio Show, Devotion Yoga Studio, Westchester Mom’s Group, and Momference (virtual conference for mothers). I also volunteer for Mothers & More, Dress for Success, and my children’s schools.

I have a Master’s degree in Social Work from Washington University, a certificate in Adult Career Planning and Development from New York University, and coaching certificates from Life Purpose Institute and the Career Planning and Adult Development Network. I am dedicated to lifelong learning (my husband often jokes that I would attend school continuously if I could), and thus regularly participate in conferences, professional courses, and workshops focusing on career development and counseling as well as issues pertaining to work-life balance, women, and mothers. In addition to career counseling, I also worked in social science and educational research for several years before making a change to career counseling and higher education.

On a personal note, I live in the suburbs of New Jersey, right outside of New York City, with my two school-age children (daughter and son) and husband. Beyond my work, I enjoy spending time with my family, photography, design, yoga, running, downhill skiing, and of course being an advocate for women and flexible work! Oh, and naps.