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How Projects Can Help with Changing Careers and Returning to Work


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Recently I coached two individuals who were embarking on new but different career ventures: one was preparing to make a career change (Sarah*) and the other was getting ready to return to work after staying home with her children for seven years (Ellie*). Both were in the process of thinking through how to best present themselves to employers, whether on a resume or in their cover letters, LinkedIn profile, networking situations, and interviews. They had to determine the best job search strategy for their situation. What’s their story? What unique skills and experiences do they offer?

Both were ready and eager to launch their searches. However, neither client had recent employment in their targeted fields, which can make the job search process a bit easier. It is the old catch-22; how do you get a foot in the door when everyone wants someone with experience? Were they doomed? Read More →

Tap Into Your Alumni Networks to Restart Your Career

Alumni networks

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This post originally appeared on is an excellent resource for finding flexible work opportunities and advice.

If you are thinking about returning to work, it is crucial to take time to strengthen your professional network and make new connections. After all, experts state that 80 to 90 percent of jobs are secured through networking relationships. Take advantage of your alma mater connections to use alumni networks in restarting your career. Read More →

Strategic Volunteering as a Path to Changing Careers or Returning to Work

Strategic volunteering

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If you are contemplating a career change or returning to work but feel you lack certain skills or the necessary experience to reach your goal, consider strategic volunteering. Strategic volunteering is essentially volunteering “with a goal in mind.” Not only are you giving back to an organization and its constituents by donating your time and energy, but you are also gaining new experience, skills, and connections. This targeted volunteering approach can in turn help propel your career in the right direction. Read More →

Career Changers: Follow At Least Part of Your Passion

follow your passion

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I consider myself lucky as a career counselor to have assisted thousands of individuals on their career change journeys. It is often an exciting (albeit overwhelming) time for each person as they reflect on their talents, acknowledge their successes, and consider their dreams. One common question career changers face during the process of figuring out their next steps is “Should I follow my passion?”

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Managing Employment Gaps on Your LinkedIn Profile

Employment gaps

Recently I conducted a webinar for on Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile. A record number of people registered, I was told, and a multitude of questions came pouring in both before and after the webinar. One in particular caught my eye, especially because it is discussed less often than other LinkedIn profile topics: What is the best way to address employment gaps on a LinkedIn profile? While professionals frequently talk about how to handle such situations on a resume, can we apply the same principles to an online profile? Read More →