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How Projects Can Help with Changing Careers and Returning to Work


Photo: Pixabay

Recently I coached two individuals who were embarking on new but different career ventures: one was preparing to make a career change (Sarah*) and the other was getting ready to return to work after staying home with her children for seven years (Ellie*). Both were in the process of thinking through how to best present themselves to employers, whether on a resume or in their cover letters, LinkedIn profile, networking situations, and interviews. They had to determine the best job search strategy for their situation. What’s their story? What unique skills and experiences do they offer?

Both were ready and eager to launch their searches. However, neither client had recent employment in their targeted fields, which can make the job search process a bit easier. It is the old catch-22; how do you get a foot in the door when everyone wants someone with experience? Were they doomed? Read More →