Services for Finding Flexible Work

Services for flexible work

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It is thrilling that there has been substantial growth in recent years of companies offering job search and placement services focusing on flexible work opportunities. This resource, Services for Finding Flexible Work, highlights 14 organizations that offer such assistance as of 2017. Note that this page will be updated annually. If there is a company that is missing or incorrect information listed, please let me know. Also, I’d love to hear from individuals who have used these services – you can email me directly at

Each of the 14 services for flexible work listed below was identified and selected through internet searches as well as recommendations by others. I also contacted each organization to verify information about their services and to ask further questions. The primary requirement for inclusion in this list is that the company must target flexible work opportunities (note that some also include non-flexible full-time positions). One caveat: the listing of an organization below is not an endorsement of its services.

The 14 organizations below are grouped alphabetically by the model of service they offer, either as a Job Posting Model or Placement Model (note that Corps Team offers a hybrid of both). These models are defined as the following:

Job Posting Model: The company’s platform or website acts as a job posting board. The company recruits organizations to post jobs and other employment opportunities with them. Job seekers register and often pay fees to access the job listings. After their membership is accepted, job seekers can review the postings and apply directly to the companies with openings. In most cases, employers can also search for candidates and contact those that they feel are a strong match.

Placement Model: The company is typically categorized as a staffing firm, whose employees recruit organizations to post jobs and other employment opportunities with them. Job seekers apply to become members or part of the firm’s pool of candidates, which often involves completing a questionnaire, uploading a resume, submitting references, and participating in initial interviews. Once accepted, the firm’s staff members match candidates with open positions and often conduct preliminary interviews. Top candidates are passed on to the employer, who then selects from this smaller pool and conducts their own interviews.

Each organizational listing below includes a chart with more detailed information regarding the following seven areas:

  • Candidates: The types of clients the service targets, such as women, men, mothers, individuals returning to work
  • Job Locations: The geographical location of the services’ job postings, including across the U.S., specific regional areas, certain cities or states, and/or international locations
  • Flex Types: The types of flexibility the jobs offer, such as part-time, flexible hours, compressed work week, job sharing, remote, project-based, freelance, contract, seasonal, and temporary positions
  • Employer Types: The types of employers that are posting jobs with the service, including small organizations, Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, law firms, non-profits, funds, government contracts, and academic institutions
  • Career Fields: The career fields covered by the service, such as accounting, administration, business development, communications, creative services, engineering, finance, fundraising, human resources, legal, marketing, project management, public relations, research, sales, technology, writing, and many others
  • Process: How the service works, including the steps clients take to become a member of the service, the cost of services, the process of placement or perusing and applying to job postings
  • Additional Info: Any other details that may be interesting and/or helpful to job seekers



Job Posting Model

Hybrid Model

Placement Model



Job Posting model – founded in 2007

Candidates: Individuals interested in professional jobs with flexible work options; jobs range from entry-level to executive.
Job Locations: Across the U.S.
Flex Types: Telecommuting/remote, part-time, full-time flex,  flextime schedules, freelance contracts, temporary, seasonal, and contract jobs.
Employer Types: Wide range of employers, from small to large organizations, start-ups, and Fortune 500 companies.
Career Fields: Vast array of industries, offering 55 different career categories from accounting to youth and children.
Process: The FlexJobs team researches for legitimate job postings that offer some type of flexibility. They also recruit employers to post flexible jobs on their platform. Job seekers register and pay a fee of $14.95/month, $29.95/quarter, or $49.95/year to view complete job posting information and to upload a resume (which then allows employers to search for ideal candidates on FlexJobs). Once job seekers find a position of interest, they can apply directly to the company. Candidates can create job search alerts.
Additional Info: FlexJobs also runs 1 Million for Work Flexibility (advocacy for flexible workplaces) and (resources for companies that see remote work as a window of opportunity). They offer an extensive array of career advice articles and resources, an excellent best company search tool with detailed organization profiles, and exclusive discounts to members. Note that some of these resources and perks can be accessed without becoming a FlexJobs member.

Job Posting model – founded in 2007

Candidates: Mothers who desire remote work and have a minimum of 1-2 years of experience in their field.
Job Locations: Across the U.S., although with virtual positions the location does not matter as much.
Flex Types: Majority of jobs are 100% home-based, remote work; in fact, jobs need to be at least 50% home-based in order to be posted.
Employer Types: Most are entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses.
Career Fields: Virtual assistants, writers/editors, translators, bookkeepers, accountants, payroll specialists, social media marketers, website designers, graphic designers, internet researchers, sales/customer service reps, marketing/advertising/public relations, real estate assistants, legal assistants, ecommerce specialists, consultants/strategic planners, human resources, word press experts, research, legal, database development.
Process: Businesses join and create an account to post jobs. The team screens all positions and organizations. Job seekers register to view jobs and apply directly to the company that posted the position. Job seekers receive daily alerts listing new job postings. The fee for job seekers is $29.95/quarter or $99/year.
Additional Info: Staff members are moms who pride themselves on helping other women find great work with businesses that appreciate and support women  who are looking for professional, flexible work-from-home options.



Job Posting model – founded in 2016

Candidates: Mid to senior-level women with 4 or more years of work experience.
Job Locations: Across the U.S.; presently focus on the Tri-State area, Bay area, Los Angeles, and D.C. Remote opportunities are nationwide.
Flex Types: Werk has created a proprietary framework of flexibility called the Flexiverse™, which includes Remote, DeskPlus, TravelLite, TimeShift, MicroAgility, and PartTime positions (e.g., remote, flextime, part-time, no travel – see for more details). All jobs are permanent, not project-based or short-term. Flexible arrangements are pre-negotiated upfront.
Employer Types: Range of employers from Fortune 100 companies to scaling start-ups, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions.
Career Fields: Finance, accounting, communications and public relations, creative services, fundraising, law, marketing, operations, product management, sales and business development, strategy, and talent and culture.
Process: Candidates apply for membership; upon acceptance users are prompted to fill out a profile and finalize their membership. Membership costs $48/year and gives users unlimited access to the job posting platform for a year. Candidates can filter jobs by flexibility type and apply to positions with one click.
Additional Info: Flexibility is hard to negotiate for because there’s no standard understanding of flexibility. Werk and the Flexiverse normalize and standardize flexibility so that candidates can seek the position they want on the terms they need. These jobs cannot be found elsewhere, as Werk staff have negotiated these positions specifically for their users.



Corps Team/Mom Corps

Hybrid: Placement and Job Posting models – founded in 2005

Candidates: Experienced professional women and men of all ages seeking mid to senior-level roles.
Job Locations: Across the U.S.
Flex Types: Full-time flex, part-time, contract/project-based, interim, seasonal, and remote jobs (note that not all positions are flexible jobs).
Employer Types: Fast growing mid-sized businesses.
Career Fields: Accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, and technology, as well as others.
Process: Job seekers are encouraged to register and can then view and apply for positions. In some cases candidates apply for jobs directly to the company who posted the position, whereas in other cases they apply through the Corps Team Staffing. Basic membership to the platform is free; Premium membership (which adds small group interactive coaching and access to an email hotline staffed by their recruiters) is $9.99/month or $99 per year.




Placement model – founded in 2016

Candidates: Women returning to the workforce who are college-educated and have many years of experience (mid to senior-level).
Job Locations: Across the U.S. with some remote positions and international placements as well.
Flex Types: Full-time, part-time, and project-based positions (note that not all positions are flexible jobs).
Employer Types: A wide variety of organizational partners, from very large global companies to small non-profits.
Career Fields: Range of career sectors, including marketing, sales, human resources, advertising, engineering, technology, finance, and legal jobs.
Process: Candidates register and can customize their profiles. They can then share their profiles with employers outside of the Après network. For Premium Après members, the profiles can be searched by potential employers.
Additional Info: Après also offers vetted career coaches, expert advice, and events with corporate partners and other organizations.


Bliss Lawyers

Placement model – founded in 2011

Candidates: Experienced attorneys with large law firm and/or in-house experience and graduation from a top law school. Candidates have experience in a full range of industries.
Job Locations: Across the U.S.
Flex Types: Bliss Lawyers hire (as W2 employees) attorneys to work on temporary engagements for in-house legal departments and law firms. Due to increasing demand and clients’ fluctuating staffing needs, Bliss’ business has grown to also offer clients “extended interviews” where attorneys start on a temporary basis to ensure they are a good fit prior to the client hiring them directly as permanent employees.
Employer Types: In-house legal departments and law firms.
Career Fields: Range of practice areas, including corporate, litigation, compliance, licensing, tax, mergers and acquisitions, trusts and estates, employment, intellectual property, and real estate. Attorneys have experience in a full range of industries, including financial services, technology, media, research and development, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, aerospace, engineering, insurance, and consumer products.
Process: Candidates send an email and attach a resume to join the Bliss network (more than 20,000 attorneys). After a client explains its legal needs to Bliss staff, team members reach out to the Bliss network to find the right talent. They identify lawyers with the skill level and experience needed, and then the talent team interviews and vets the potential candidates. The team submits finalists to the client, who then conducts their own interviews. Finally, if a candidate is chosen, Bliss Lawyers hire the attorney as a W-2 employee for the particular engagement.


Flex Professionals

Placement model – founded in 2010

Candidates: College-educated with at least 10 years of professional work experience; also individuals returning to work.
Job Locations: Washington, DC; Montgomery County, MD; Northern Virginia; and Boston.
Flex Types: Specialty is part-time work; also remote and project-based work. Most of the jobs are permanent.
Employer Types: Small, medium, and large businesses in the private, commercial, and government contracting sectors; also non-profits and associations.
Career Fields: Finance and accounting, administration, sales and account management, marketing/public relations/communications, business development, project management, technical and proposal writing, human resources, web development, graphic design, and legal.
Process: After registering, candidates may search and apply for jobs. FlexProfessionals staff review all applications, choose the top matches, and interview candidates before sending them to the employer for review. If there is interest from the employer, the candidate will then be given further details about the company.
Additional Info: FlexProfessionals offers in-person career workshops held in Fairfax, VA. They also host a Career Re-Entry Internship Program, which lasts 8-12 weeks. Interns spend 50% of time at their Fairfax, VA office and 50% working from home.


Flexible Resources

Placement model – founded in 1989

Candidates: Mid to senior-level professionals.
Job Locations: New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut Tri-State area.
Flex Types: Full-time flex, part-time, contract/project-based, remote, and job-sharing positions.
Employer Types: Small to mid-sized businesses and start-ups, Fortune 500 companies.
Career Fields: Marketing, finance, human resources, product development, public relations, advertising, creative services, promotion, training, accounting, management consulting, non-profit, technical writing, project management, and sales.
Process: After registering with Flexible Resources, the team interviews candidates to understand their background, skills, and flexibility needs. Once there is an opportunity, the team hand-screens from their pool of talent, and only presents to the company the most qualified individuals for the position. Their approach is individualized, and thus many of their jobs never make it to a website posting.
Additional Info: Flexible Resources is not a database of names. Their experienced team draws on in-depth knowledge about their clients and candidates, strategic thinking, and good old common sense.



Placement model – founded in 2013

Candidates: Mid to senior-level professionals, with a special focus on extraordinary women; includes working mothers, retirees, military spouses, people with disabilities, veterans, and individuals returning to work.
Job Locations: Across the U.S. and globally.
Flex Types: Full-time flex, part-time, hourly, and project-based work.
Employer Types: Small to mid-sized businesses, non-profits, start-ups, and larger Fortune 500 companies.
Career Fields: Finance, marketing, public relations, legal, creative, technology, accounting, and board placements.
Process: After candidates register and upload a resume, the Inkwell team reviews all applications. When a candidate is a potential match for a job, Inkwell will reach out for a preliminary interview. Candidates are pre-screened before they are presented to employers.
Additional Info: Support services (offered for a fee) include professional goal-setting, career re-entry strategy, personal branding (on and offline), effective communication, negotiation and conflict resolution, interview preparation, networking strategy, managing virtual work, and resume reviews. Inkwell also participates in conferences and panels on the future of work and work-life balance, and curates candidates and companies to attend (at varied locations). Furthermore, 5% of Inkwell’s proceeds go to non-profit partners working to support military spouses and people with disabilities.


MomSource Network

Placement model – founded in 2013

Candidates: Mothers, people seeking flexibility, and individuals returning to work.
Job Locations: Atlanta, Austin, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Missoula, Nashville, St. Louis, Tampa (plan to expand to additional areas); remote jobs are nationwide.
Flex Types: Full-time flex, part-time, remote, contract/project-based, and job sharing positions; mostly permanent jobs.
Employer Types: Wide range of employers, including small to large organizations, non-profits, start-ups, and Fortune 500 companies.
Career Fields: Writing, legal, accounting, administrative, healthcare, marketing, information technology.
Process: After completing a profile and upload a resume, the MomSource team reviews all applications and conducts interviews with candidates. Candidates can also express interest in specific jobs, and MomSource will forward applicants’ information to employers for consideration. The MomSource team will then notify job seekers if they are selected for an interview. Cost is $9/month or $89/year.
Additional Info: The MomSource Team will help candidates with their resumes, interviewing, and social media presence. They also provide webinars with experts, networking events, an online membership community, and membership perks. The MomSource platform is designed to support women throughout their journey to find work-life blend by offering a MomSource Perks discount program with discounts to more than 25,000 vendors, virtual professional development workshops on topics related to career and/or personal fulfillment, and the opportunity to network with like-minded moms. MomSource also encourages their members to publish unique content on their website that can then be shared with other members.



Placement model – founded in 2014

Candidates: Mid to senior-level career professionals.
Job Locations: Across the U.S., as well as a few European clients that offer virtual work.
Flex Types: Full-time flex, part-time, freelance, and contract/project-based roles.
Employer Types: Non-profits, start-ups small businesses, and funds.
Career Fields: Strategic consulting, finance, marketing, accounting, and non-profit leadership.
Process: Candidates register and upload a resume. Prokanga staff screen and interview candidates that match the requirements of their job postings. They will then share finalists with their employers for further interviews and selection.



Placement model – founded in 2013

Candidates: College-educated women who are returning to work (generally after 2-5 years) and have corporate backgrounds working in mid to senior-level roles.
Job Locations: Boston, Raleigh-Durham, Seattle, Minneapolis/St. Paul.
Flex Types: Mostly contract/project-based, part-time, and full-time positions.
Employer Types: Variety of large companies, such as Fidelity Investments, EMC, Panera Bread, Boston Scientific, Akamai, IPREO, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.
Career Fields: Business areas, including marketing, communications/public relations, accounting, retail, advertising, sales, legal, manufacturing, strategy, finance, human resources, and information technology.
Process: After candidates submit an application, a reacHIRE staff member will be in touch to assess whether there is a fit for an upcoming cohort of the reacHIRE Power UpTM program. This program provides cohorts of women a six-week deep dive into the professional and technical skills needed to successfully on-ramp back into today’s business environments (curriculum is delivered along with reacHIRE’s Corporate Training Partners). Upon completion, candidates are eligible for placement in job openings created to provide opportunities for returning women (with reacHIRE’s Corporate Partners).
Additional Info: Candidates receive training, coaching, and peer support throughout the reacHIRE Power UpTM program, which is specifically designed for women who have been out of the workforce.


The Mom Project

Placement model – founded in 2016

Candidates: College-educated women (although also accept men) with at least 5 years of relevant experience in their field; also individuals returning to work (most have been out of workforce for less than 3 years).
Job Locations: Across the U.S.
Flex Types: Parental leave fill-ins (MaternityshipTM), part-time, project-based (short-term projects), and remote positions. The Mom Project has a match science system that allows them to closely find the right fit for their talent and employer partners. Work types range from 100% remote project-based roles to full-time on-site opportunities.
Employer Types: A wide range of employers, from start-ups to Fortune 20 companies.
Career Fields: Specializes in four core professional functions: marketing/public relations/communications, technology, human resources, and finance.
Process: 1.     Sign Up – Candidates create a digital profile and specify education, professional background, and desired types of opportunities and work arrangements.

2.     Participate – Candidates share their Mom Project journey with friends and colleagues.

3.     Get Matched – The Mom Project receives new opportunities across the country each day; a member of the talent team reaches out to candidates directly as relevant opportunities arise.

4.     Embark – If the candidate finds a gig they love, they can agree to the work scope and details through the Mom Project digital platform.

5.     Succeed – Candidates receive compensation and appreciation for a (meaningful) job well done.

Additional Info: The Mom Project encourages talent to be proactive in the desire to redefine their careers. They can create a profile at any time and flag the profile as “active” or “private” to determine whether they are presented with opportunities.


The Second Shift

Placement model – founded in 2014

Candidates: Professional women with 10 or more years of work experience.
Job Locations: Across the U.S. and world.
Flex Types: Specialty is project-based work, including part-time projects, parental leave fill-ins, and remote work (no full-time roles).
Employer Types: Start-ups, tech giants, small and mid-sized companies.
Career Fields: Marketing and finance.
Process: After candidates complete an application for membership, the Second Shift team reviews all submissions, conducts reference checks, and hosts in-person interviews with each candidate. The Second Shift’s proprietary technology matches candidates with projects, and women then have a choice to pitch themselves for the opportunities. Finally, companies contact the candidates they would like to interview for their projects. Once a project is booked, a fee of 5% is deducted from individuals’ payments to cover administrative processes.