Career and work-life coaching services

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Women, Work, and Life offers a range of services, including individual career and work-life coaching sessions, coaching packages (Career Change package, Work-Life Balance package, Job Search Document Review and Strategy Package), Workshops and Webinars, and Professional Development Training. Please fill out the Contact Form for more information on services and fees. Initial 30-minute consultations are free of charge. Payment is due prior to each session and is submitted by credit card online via a simple and secure PayPal system.

Individual Career and Work-Life Coaching Sessions

Career and work-life coaching sessions are 45 minutes long and typically take place by phone or Skype for the convenience of busy clients.

Individual Career and Work-Life Coaching Packages

Career Change Package: Making a Change for a Better Fit

This package is ideal for women who are returning to work or are currently employed and want to find a career that better fits their life and current needs. Often times clients who are contemplating such a change are not exactly sure what path to pursue and how to go about this process. The goal of this package is to help clients (1) determine what they need and want in terms of work and life at this point, (2) explore which careers may best fit with their vision as well as reality, and (3) identify what needs to happen to get there.

Details of package:

  • 6 sessions
  • Sessions are adapted to each client’s unique needs and situation, although most sessions cover the following aspects: lessons learned from past jobs, career and life priorities and values, motivated and developmental skills, strengths and talents, personality traits, current passions and interests, application to work world and realities, flexible career options, barriers to change, and action plan.
  • Sessions are scheduled every two weeks to allow enough time for exercises and homework in between meetings.
  • Note that reviews of job search documents and strategizing for a search are not part of this package but can be added on; see below for the Resume and Cover Letter Review Session, LinkedIn Profile Review Session, and the Job Search Strategy Session.

Work-Life Balance Package: Improving Your Overall Life Blend

This package is ideal for women who feel that their overall life is out of balance or not well-integrated. Clients typically feel overwhelmed by everyday life, dismayed that time seems to be slipping away, and frustrated by the never-ending to-do list. They strongly desire more contentment and peace in their life. The goal of this package is to help clients (1) identify their priorities and ideal work-life blend, (2) learn about what contributes to better life balance and determine the problem areas in their life, and (3) set goals and a plan for lasting change.

Details of package:

  • 6 session package
  • The sessions are adapted for each individual’s unique needs and situation, although most cover the following aspects: work-life roles, life values and priorities, time management principles, career evaluation, mindfulness and mindset, energy management, happiness principles, and connecting with others.
  • Sessions are scheduled every two weeks to allow enough time for exercises and homework in between meetings.

Job Search Document Review and Strategy Package

This package is for individuals who would like their job search documents reviewed, such as a cover letter, resume, LinkedIn profile, CV, etc.

Details of package:

  • 1 session
  • Includes the review of two documents or items (e.g., one resume and one cover letter)
  • Client should provide job posting or typical job description to which she is applying
  • Feedback will be provided within the documents via track changes and during one 45 minute session, which will also include job search strategy; clients can also submit their second draft documents for a final email review
  • This is not a resume or profile writing service but rather a feedback and strategy service to position yourself as best as possible for your job search.


Emily has conducted workshops for universities, organizations, businesses, community groups, and women’s groups. Topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • 10 Ways to Improve Your Work-Life Balance Now
  • Flexible Career Options for Current and Future Parents/Mothers
  • Returning to Work After a Child-Rearing Break
  • Starting a Small Business as a Flexible Career Option
  • Self-Assessment for Parents/Mothers/Women Embarking on a Career Change
  • LinkedIn Best Practices for Parents/Mothers/Women

Professional Development for Career Counselors and Staff

Emily has conducted professional development training for career counselors and other staff members in the following areas:

  • Webinar Systems for Career Counseling Programs
  • Career Assessment Tools (including MBTI, Strong Interest Inventory, card sorts, informal tools)
  • Teambuilding Using the MBTI
  • Career Counseling with Alumni
  • Career Counseling with Women
  • Best Practices for Using LinkedIn with Clients